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What is talkabout?

At TalkAbout, we aim to change the way people interact with art and heritage sites. After realizing that many visitors to museums and other heritage sites often feel bored, intimidated or isolated, we saw an opportunity to create a new type of interactive visitor experience. Where other guides tell, we give context and then ask.

Unlike other museum apps or audioguides, where visitors passively consume information, TalkAbout Guides empower visitors to engage with art on their own terms and to interpret art and history for themselves.

Using TalkAbout Guides, visitors follow trails of thematically-related artworks and are asked a series of questions designed to spark discussion and encourage a personal connection to each object.

When was the last time YOU had an interesting conversation in a museum?

TalkAbout Guides for Android and iOS

TalkAbout Guides are now available for free download on Android and iOS

Come join us, and let's get talking!

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