What is TalkAbout?

Let’s talk about art.

TalkAbout is a new kind of guide for museums and heritage sites that engages and educates visitors by sparking rich, fun conversations about works of art.


Unlike other museum apps or audioguides, where visitors passively consume information, TalkAbout empower visitors to engage with art on their own terms and to interpret art and history for themselves. Rather than feeling apprehensive or intimidated about art, visitors enjoy an interactive experience with others.

With TalkAbout, visitors follow trails of thematically-related artworks and are asked a series of questions designed to spark discussion and encourage a personal connection to each object. While many guides tell, we give context and then ask.

TalkAbout Guides encourage visitors to develop and express their own reactions to art.


Come join us, and let’s get talking.


Got something to TalkAbout?

We value your opinions and feedback. Contact us at talkaboutguides@gmail.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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